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Innovation Services

Spectrum Insight offers a range of Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights Services tailored to the needs of R&D intensive Small and Medium Size Businesses

  • All firms need to successfully innovate and one of the ways management can act is to ensure the conditions are right.

  • Successful innovation soon draws imitation, so ideas and inventions need to be protected.

Cost Effective Patent Writing/ Filing Service

By drawing on experience from patent filing, acting as patent mentor and reviewing numerous patents, at Spectrum Insight we understand how to protect an idea and the potential pitfalls. Unlike some other low-cost services, which rely either on a 'do-it yourself' approach or involve assigning ownership to a third party, our process operates in conjunction with a preferred Patent Agent. Spectrum Insight works with the inventor throughout the process from gathering information required to establish 'patentability', helping identify the key points of novelty and providing guidance throughout the drafting process and beyond if required. The result is a professionally written Patent Specification taken to 'Patent Pending' status at a cost a lot lower than you might think.

This service is available to cover most mechanical, electrical/ electronic and communications inventions.

Climate for Innovation Review

Are you investing in R&D without getting the innovative new product results you expected? If so, this service could help you identify what's wrong and how to make improvements. Our methods are based on the pioneering work of Teresa Amabile [see references] adapted by us to suit the needs of small and medium size R&D intensive or creative businesses. The process based on a survey can often be completed in as little as one day on site for smaller business.

A full written report and presentation of findings with recommendations is offered based on the workplace survey and interviews with senior management.

Patent Workshops

We can run workshops to explain the Patent Process and to start uncovering 'hidden inventions' for up to 10 delegates at one time or provide one-to-one mentoring for prospective inventors.

Please contact us for a quotation.


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